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Send real-time, personalized SMS messages to reach and engage supporters, donors, and volunteers.

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Increase donations and raise more money

Reach your supporters quickly and efficiently and improve your fundraising results

  • Send reminders to donate
  • Encourage contributions at live events
  • Link supporters to online donation forms
  • Convert one-time donors to recurring members
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Mobilize thousands of supporters at a moment’s notice

Send messages that raise constituent responsiveness by keeping them informed and ready to advocate

  • Provide key talking points
  • Connect constituents with their state or federal legislators
  • Track calls to legislators in real-time to instantly measure your impact
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Boost Get Out The Vote (GOTV) initiatives

Text voting information and polling place locations, and help subscribers make a plan to vote

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Manage staff, volunteers, and contractors

Use SMS to connect with team members and improve both your daily operational efficiency and event coordination

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Keep your donor database current

Capture profile data like email addresses and zip codes to keep supporter records up-to-date via text

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The Biden for President SMS campaign collected $3.2M in contributions during one hour of the first 2020 presidential debate (Politico)


The average donation size for text-to-donate fundraisers is $107 (Nonprofits Source)


In the last year, mobile messaging subscriber list size for nonprofits increased by 11% and organizations sent 28% more texts
(2022 M+R Benchmarks Study)

Young people today live off their mobile devices. Truth wants to invite them into any given issue, and a text offers everybody the opportunity to get involved.

Dio Favatas
Vice President of Marketing, Data, and Technology, Truth Initiative

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Mobile Messaging

Human Rights Campaign

HRC finds that mobile subscribers are 250% more likely to donate.

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250% More likely to donate

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