Text messaging software for Media & Publishing

Engage your listeners and subscribers in-the-moment with personalized SMS campaigns that increase loyalty, grow your lists, and drive new subscriptions

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Keep your audiences updated and informed

Deliver relevant and personalized content to your audiences in real-time on their most convenient channel – SMS.

  • Deliver breaking news with real-time SMS alerts as well as subscription reminders
  • Activate your audiences by sharing notifications on upcoming events or personalized offers you don’t want them to miss out on
  • Increase audience participation with fun two-way, interactive campaigns
  • Co-ordinate text-to-win contests across multiple stations

Bring engaging and interactive content to your listeners and subscribers

Grow your lists, then nurture and engage your listeners and subscribers with features including contests, polls, and exclusive offers.

  • Enable customer subscriptions via text-in keyword campaigns to quickly grow your lists
  • Infuse interactive campaigns into your programs including polls and contests
  • Deliver exclusive offers to SMS subscribers, and track redemption to understand impact
  • Create shareable moments to increase brand awareness with MMS, including images, photos, GIFs, or videos
  • Drive advertising revenue through partners with mobile wallets, offers, personalized barcodes and more

Build meaningful connections with your digital audience


We helped a major media company drive 20 million SMS contest entries, monthly on average


Adding mobile numbers to opt-in forms increased mobile list growth by 800%


95% of texts from businesses are read within 3 minutes of being sent

Univision inspired 160,000 people to subscribe to their text messaging program

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