Text messaging software for Retail

Deepen customer connections, enhance engagement, increase conversions, and build customer loyalty for your retail business with Upland Mobile Messaging

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Woman receiving information sent from text messaging software for retail stores

Drive in-store and online sales with a seamless customer experience

Streamline your retail mobile marketing programs with simplified list management, customer segmentation, campaign creation and broadcasting of targeted messages.

  • Enhance product and brand awareness through text-based announcements
  • Use dynamic customer data to personalize your outreach
  • Capture your retail audience’s attention with video, animated GIFs, and emojis
  • Retarget customers using purchase history and location
  • Enable customers to sign up for events and receive digital tickets in their mobile wallets
  • Gamify your communications with scratchable coupons, and increase engagement with interactive mobile web campaigns

Increase conversion rates and strengthen customer loyalty

Create personalized offers and deliver them to your retail customers at a time and a place that will have the greatest impact.

  • Enable customer subscriptions via text to accelerate list growth
  • Give customers a fast, convenient way to access their coupons, loyalty cards, and other marketing content within the mobile wallet apps on their smartphones
  • Use location and time-based triggers to maximize the impact of coupons and offers
  • Keep customers in the loop with store updates, purchase confirmations, and order notifications
  • Increase foot traffic to stores with push notifications when customers are near to their local branch

75% of customers want to receive offers through SMS

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Mobile coupons get 10X the redemption rate of traditional coupons (Business Insider)


Sending 3 or more follow-up texts increases customer conversions as much as 328% (Leads360)


95% of texts from businesses are read within 3 minutes of being sent

Pizza chain’s keyword campaign earned 100,000 text opt-ins in 12 hours

A viral campaign leads to 160,000 total new opt-ins

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