Demystify Complex Buying Groups with Altify Insights

Watch this 45-min webinar and learn valuable insights to help you succeed in today’s market conditions.

In today’s business landscape, many modern buyers still express frustration with the sales experience. Surprisingly, almost two-thirds of prospect meetings fail to progress beyond the initial stage due to a lack of perceived value. This challenge stems from sellers’ inability to align with each buyer’s unique needs and concerns. For example, while one individual in a buying group may seek a product to alleviate anxiety, another may prioritize productivity enhancement. These distinct sources of value necessitate a fresh approach.

To achieve sustainable growth, organizations must equip themselves with powerful sales mapping and discovery tools. In our webinar, Tim Wulf, Product Marketing Director at Upland Altify, delve into the critical challenges faced by sales professionals and dig into why it is paramount to identify WHO the key players are and HOW to effectively address their problems.

Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on a guided tour of Altify Insights. Experience firsthand our intuitive and user-friendly Salesforce native solutions that empower you to visualize key decision makers and craft impactful relationship strategies.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Unveiling Key Challenges and Trends
  • Understanding the Importance of Identifying Key Players and Problem Solving
  • Introducing Altify Insights: Simplifying Visualization and Relationship Strategies

Sales Altify On-demand Webinar


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