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Insight Mapping Software.

Altify Insight Maps is an internal sales mapping and discovery tool that guides sellers to align their solutions with buyer motivations in easy-to-use Salesforce native software. Increase the size and frequency of winning deals by uncovering key insights, strengthening relationships, and building trust.  

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By aligning sellers with buyer motivations, and working in collaboration to verify the challenges they face, sellers can better understand what solutions will help meet their needs and deliver mutual value.


Only one third of buyers say sellers understand their business need or potential solution.


Sales experiences frustrate buyers – 62of first sales meeting don’t progress due to lack of perceived value.

Insight mapping features.

Have you ever spent hours aligning contact records and notes to remember a customer’s goals and motivations? Do you have a single place to log notes and make sense of complicated situations? Altify Insight Maps provide an information matrix and sales mapping tool that structures essential details about goals, initiatives, pressures, obstacles, and who cares about them.

Built-in Customer Alignment Process

Powerful, out-of-the-box templates make it fast and easy to engage prospects and surface key buyer-insights consistently.

    • Prompt your sellers to ask the right questions with a guided discovery exercise that uncovers and confirms key information to convert more deals. 
    • Define customer goals related to each key department and team members.  
    • Discover organizational or industry-related pressures holding your customers back.   
    • Zero in on obstacles that will reveal where you can add unique value to best help your prospect or customer.

In-Depth Notes

Document and organize the small but essential details of the who, what, when, where, and why behind every insight. 

    • Jot-down in-depth notes that give the context behind the insight. 
    •  Attach contacts to insights to quickly see who disclosed them and who they impact most. 
    • Attach related documents and files and categorize your insights based on subject matter. 
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Centralized and Organized Sales Intelligence

Go from scattered insights across account and opportunity notes, tasks, leads, and contacts to a centralized and organized information matrix with Insight Maps.

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Easy Information Sharing

Never lose track of essential information when there are changes in ownership for an account or opportunity. Share key information across the revenue team for the entirety of a customer lifecycle.

Salesforce Native

100% Salesforce native, Insight Maps accesses contact, account and opportunity data to centralize the crucial information you need to win a deal and expand key accounts.

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Altify helps us elevate our business and at the same time build long term partnership with our key clients by solving their biggest business problems.

Thomas Svensson
Chief Operating Officer, EDRMedeso

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Ready to give our insight mapping software a test drive? Try the free self-guided demo and learn how leading organizations around the world grow and retain revenue with Altify Insight Maps. 

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Insight Map Software FAQS:

  • Sales mapping software is a tool that centralizes vital information about prospect and customer goals, pressures, initiatives, and obstacles within an account or opportunity. Using the sales intelligence found in the sales mapping software (like an Insight Map), sellers can close more deals and increase sales velocity.

  • Insight mapping, like relationship mapping, is a visual way for sellers and stakeholders to strategize and collaborate on key accounts based on data gathered about the political landscape, the initiatives, challenges, and the goals of the buyer. When used in tandem with relationship mapping, insight mapping can give you a bird’s-eye view of an account or opportunity, and where your solution can add the most value for your buyer. 

  • Insight Maps help guide seller’s discovery process by prompting them to ask questions centered on uncovering the buyer’s goals, initiatives to meet those goals, as well as the biggest pressures and obstacles hindering them. The framework behind insight mapping provides your sales team with a consistent, comprehensive, and buyer-focused discovery process.  

  • Sales mapping and intelligence tools like Altify Insight Map deliver many benefits. They make it easier for stakeholders to discover the people and problems in an account and help deliver a more holistic view of the opportunity at hand.  

    Specifically, Insight Maps help sellers by: 

      • Centralizing and organizing gathered sales intelligence. 
      • Prompting a consistent and comprehensive discovery process. 
      • Making it easy to share information with multiple stakeholders. 
      • Helping them close more deals. 
      • Driving more revenue. 
      • Collaborating better. 
      • Increasing sales velocity. 

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