Say goodbye to being seen as ‘just another vendor’

How do some companies build enduring, mutually beneficial customer relationships while others get stuck fighting for every deal? At Altify, we reached out to top sales leaders to learn the secret to their success – how did they become more than just another vendor?

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How do great sales organizations
differentiate themselves?

Account planning is the key to building customer trust, generating pipeline, and growing revenue.

What great looks like in selling

Altify’s goal is to help sellers be seen as trusted advisors, not just vendors. Because it’s your sales team that yields results, we want to give you real experiences and best practices from people who know what it takes. Unveil inspiring stories to: 

  • Win, Retain, Grow
  • Qualify Your Way to Better Sales
  • Know Your Customer 

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The practice of account planning

Organizations that took a holistic approach to account planning and integrated it into their sales process as a continuous practice were the ones that achieved huge success. We’ve collected successful account planning stories and distilled our findings into this book. Get your free copy and discover how to use account planning to: 

  • Build the ultimate customer relationship
  • Become a trusted advisor
  • Solidify your revenue team 

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Top sales leaders share their stories and practices to their success

The Trusted Advisor

“During these validation discussions, I’d learn about new opportunities I might not have caught wind of in the past because I hadn’t been there asking the right questions.”

Todd Adair
Southeast Zone Commercial Manager
GE Healthcare

The End of the Lone Wolf Era

“It’s not just about focusing on the opportunities of the deals; it’s about focusing on a bigger agenda to help our customers deliver to their customers in the right way.”

Jason Cooper
Head of Sales Excellence
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Introducing Account Planning

“Getting people on board required two things: the carrot and the ego.”

Eric Chapman
VP, Sales Operations and Enablement
Hexagon ALI

Know Your Customer

“You can break down barriers faster simply by having knowledge.”

Billy Martin
Sr Director, Leadership Development and Strategic Enablement Programs

Reaching the People Who Matter

“Selling isn’t about your product and its features and functions anymore. It’s about understanding your customers’ challenges and figuring out what you can do to support them.”

Sarah Bennett
Vice President, Global Finance and Revenue Operations

Winning and scaling with technology

Our Salesforce-native, account-based selling software has been supporting the holistic account planning practice of some of the world’s largest enterprises.

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