For those about to work, we salute you.

You don’t need to slay a dragon, save the planet from impending doom, or defeat space aliens to become a Legend.

There are legends. Then there are Upland Legends.

We know your kind. You’re part mover, part shaker, and all awesome. People know your name – and not just from your ID badge. Employee of the Month? Pshaw. They should probably just go ahead and build a statue of you. In short? You’re a doer. A dreamer. A get-stuff-doner. And we’re here to celebrate you. The Legends program recognizes our customers who are day-to-day heroes of real-life business.


So if this sounds like you, keep reading.


What's in it for you... besides some sweet swag?

Swag is pretty dope, but there’s more. Way more.


Professional exposure and personal recognition by showcasing the reference activities you have supported as part of the Upland Legends program.


Rub elbows with new peers, experts, and Upland users to expand your network.


Personal invitations to networking events and customer advisory boards.


Access to key Upland executives and technical experts for calls, business reviews, and two-way dialogue.


The more you can support reference activities, the greater the opportunities for you to become truly Legendary!

We think you're a Legend. In fact, we know it.*

We’ve already established that we’re big fans of yours. And if the feeling is mutual, we’re ready to bring even more awesomeness.


We’ve got numbers, facts, and results to prove it. We’ve built our business by putting great software in the hands of people who know how to deliver.
You are one of those people.



Let's join forces and power up.

Let’s talk

The Legends program showcases business bad asses – that’s you – who use our tools to get things done. We’ll shine a spotlight on you and the work you do through videos, webinars, case studies, reference calls, and speaking events. Coincidentally, these are also great little artifacts that can help advance your career.


To lean into a cliché, it’s a win/win.