Strengthen Altify account and opportunity plans with Google Docs

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The most successful account executives rely on close collaboration with their wider revenue teams to expand existing customer relationships and win the opportunities that matter. But sellers often move fast and get pulled in several different directions at once.

Multitasking, jumping from meeting to meeting, and racing the clock, are all too familiar for salespeople. This is especially true for sellers with a wide portfolio of complex enterprise customers and B2B opportunities to look after.

When working together on account plans and opportunity plans, it’s all too easy for nuggets of insight to get typed into various documents and saved to dispersed cloud drives and local computers never to be found again.

That’s where an integration between Google Docs and Altify comes in to simplify collaboration—and sellers’ lives in general. Let’s dig into how combining Altify with Google Docs can deliver lasting value for the salespeople in your organization.

Simplify working together by integrating Altify with Google Docs

Integrating Altify with Google Docs gives sellers the flexibility to work with their teammates in real-time (or asynchronously) using Google Docs directly within Altify. This way, teams can collaborate more efficiently to refine account plans and win opportunities.

The integration adds a custom “Google Docs” tile to Opportunity Manager’s launchpad or a custom “Google Docs” tab to Account Manager and automatically creates a shared Google Doc for each opportunity and account plan. By design, this integration is straightforward, so most sellers can start seeing real value immediately.

As teams share feedback and insight, sellers can capture everything in a single easy-to-find Google Doc that’s linked directly to the related opportunity or account plan for future reference. Gone are the days of remembering your colleague shared something helpful a day ago but having no idea where—or if—you wrote it down!

Customers can even configure these Google Docs to automatically pull in relevant details from their linked opportunities and account plans. This means even more efficiency and fewer opportunities to make embarrassing cut and paste errors.

Collaborate more efficiently on account and opportunity plans

Altify’s Google Docs integration is included for all Opportunity Manager and Account Manager customers. Altify provides this integration at no direct cost to customers to better align Altify with how sellers work naturally, help organizations maximize the value of their existing technology stack, and simplify collaborating on opportunity plans and account plans.

However, customers do need to bring their own Google Workspace licenses and purchase licenses for Appiphony’s “Drive Connect” app from the Salesforce AppExchange. Google Workspace allows users to access Google Docs, and Drive Connect powers the connection between Google Docs and Altify.

Appiphony, the software provider for Drive Connect, is a third-party company and trusted Altify partner. Thanks to the close relationship between Altify and Appiphony, the company offers Drive Connect to Altify customers at a special discounted partner price.

For more information about discounted Drive Connect pricing for Altify customers, please don’t hesitate to contact us or reach out directly to your Altify Account Executive (AE) or Customer Success Manager (CSM).

Get the most from account and opportunity planning with Google Docs

Following a self-service installation guide, most Altify customers are up and running with a Google Docs integration in a day or two. Of course, many organizations opt to install the integration in a sandbox first, which may add a few more days before it’s rolled out into production for sellers to get their hands on.

Appiphony offers a 14-day free trial of Drive Connect (no credit card required) to help Altify customers make sure it’s the right fit for their organization before spending a penny. If your organization doesn’t already have a paid version of Google Workspace, Google also offers a 14-day free trial of most of their business plans.

By combining Google and Appiphony’s offers, in most cases, organizations can try out integrating Altify with Google Docs for up to two weeks at no cost. (Remember: Altify doesn’t directly charge anything additional for this included integration.) Of course, organizations will need to dedicate a little time up-front to install and configure the integration using the self-service guide Altify provides.

Take collaboration to the next level: integrate Altify with Slack

If all this talk about collaborating across your revenue team to build better account plans and opportunity plans piqued your interest, take a minute to check out Altify’s Slack integration too. This integration is also included for all Altify Account Manager and Opportunity Manager customers.

To get started with Altify’s Slack integration, organizations just need to bring their existing Slack licenses and follow a self-service installation guide. For organizations still considering if Slack is right for them, Slack also offers free trials of most of its paid plans.

Where can I get more information about Altify integrations?

If you’re already an Altify customer, your Customer Success Manager (CSM) can answer any questions you have about Altify’s integrations with Google Docs and Slack. If you’re ready to get started with either integration, your Altify CSM can also point you in the right direction.

If you’re not an Altify customer today, please reach out to the Account Manager you’ve been working with, or don’t hesitate to contact an Altify account and opportunity planning expert for more information.

We can’t wait to see what you can accomplish by combining the power of Altify for account and opportunity planning with Google Docs and Slack!

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