Case Study

Nuance Communications wrangles complex proposal content with Qvidian

Nuance’s healthcare division worked with Qvidian Professional Services to create an easily accessible proposal content library in a constantly changing sector.

The new RFP response team for Nuance’s medical division had a lot to get their heads around: medical documentation, security, privacy, artificial intelligence.… Oh, yeah, and the ins and outs of more than 20 different software products. With that sort of complexity, creating proposals was no easy feat. Add to that the fact that their business was constantly evolving — which sometimes meant information changed as fast as they could learn it.

A little bit of training and a whole lot of tagging makes all the difference

Qvidian Professional Services helped the team figure out the best way to manage proposal content. They created a central library to store information about all their many highly technical products. They also helped develop a review process where proposal content that’s more than six months old is routed to expert reviewers to keep information current. Needless to say, this makes creating proposals easier — and more effective.

Our proposal team is able to handle 60 – 80% of very technical questions on highly complex products. People think we’re experts, but it’s really Qvidian that makes us look good by putting the information at
our fingertips.
— Mark Marcinowski, Proposal Manager, Nuance Communications

The Nuance healthcare team works smarter with Qvidian.

Since engaging Qvidian Professional Services, Nuance’s team is enjoying a smooth and efficient proposal creation process. They handle RFPs and security questionnaires like experts. In fact, thanks to Qvidian, colleagues mistake them for masters of Nuance’s entire product portfolio.
With Qvidian’s central library, now Nuance has one trusted place to store all their proposal content. Not only is everything easily accessible, but it’s always up to date — a key factor in successfully managing the complex product details about Nuance’s constantly evolving offerings.

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