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KCS is a mature Knowledge Management Methodology

Manage knowledge that yields benefits and enables success

Partner with us to help your organization strengthen your KCS™ processes. From planning through implementation, we’ll give you the tools, training, and resources needed to achieve big results with your knowledge management efforts.

You need the right technology to benefit from KCS

RightAnswers was designed with KCS in mind and as a result, our product functionality enables organizations to be up and running quickly with no customization needed. You’ll find:

  • Role-based permissions in line with the KCS license model
  • Configurable templates that structure the knowledge so the most important information is included in the knowledge article
  • Ability to add tool tips and pre-filled content to help authors adhere to style guides
  • Search results that include federated & unstructured knowledge to provide highly relevant results & increase knowledge reuse
  • Use @mentions in comments to get the right people to support edits to solutions
  • KCS specific reports and dashboards to monitor the success of your program
  • Tools that identify coaching opportunities to help Coaches spend more time with their people

RightAnswers has been certified by the KCS Academy to deliver Knowledge-Centered Service Workshops and Certification

KCS Practices v6 Workshop & Certification

Earn the highest level of KCS Certification in this three-day Workshop.


KCS Coach Development Workshop

This two-day workshop provides coaches with the skills needed to encourage, inspire, and support change.


KCS v6 Leadership Overview Workshop

This one-day workshop delves into KCS concepts and develops the skills needed to successfully lead a knowledge-centered organization.


KCS v6 Practices Overview Workshop

This one-day workshop explains what’s involved with KCS and what type of commitment it requires.


Intelligent Swarming Insights Workshop

This one-day workshop explores ways to get the right people working on the right things.


Ask us anything!

We’re here to help and answer any KCS questions you might have. We look forward to hearing from you. Click here to email our team of experts

KCS Implementation & Consulting Services

We help companies maximize their KM and KCS investments

Whether you are considering RightAnswers, a KCS Verified v6 knowledge management software, or you need to optimize your existing systems, our team of KCS trained and certified experts can help you reap the rewards of the full power of KCS.

KCS Expertise

RightAnswers has a team of KCS Experts who have successfully implemented KCS in many organizations and have trained hundreds.

Lana Kosnik

KCS Knowledge Management Practice Manager

Stin Mattu

Product Marketing Manager & KCS Certified Trainer

Alex Baker

Senior Consultant

Steven Green

Customer Success Manager & KCS Certified Trainer

KCS Community & Support

Sharing means caring, especially when it comes to knowledge

We’re passionate about KCS, and are eager to share our experiences with you.

  • KCS Webinars
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  • KCS Events

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90% +

Over 90% of RightAnswers customers have implemented some part of KCS


CSRs reported an FCR increase from roughly 60% to 74% after implementing knowledge management and KCS

What is KCS?

We’ve created a 9-step guide that presents the underlying principles of KCS where we share practical tips to how to get it moving it at your organization.

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The facilitator did an excellent job explaining the concepts, adding real-world examples, and answering our questions. And the program is quite well designed. I have been in project management for over 10 years, and I didn’t expect KCS to be so thorough. I expected details on the concepts, models, methods, etc… But the KCS training was essentially a step-by-step guide on how to implement KCS in an organization. Very impressive, and well worth the cost.

Gary P

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The Road to Award-Winning KCS: A Case Study from Paychex

Paychex chose RightAnswers to implement a successful knowledge program using the KCS methodology to optimize call center activities.

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$3,000,000 savings per year

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