Case Study

Prospects become an early adopter of Upland Software’s Audience Development solution to drive conversions of website visits to sign-ups – and tailor welcome journeys in the process

Upland Software’s Audience Development solution drives sign-ups for education technology solutions provider, Jisc


  • Increase list size by converting warm‘leads’ (those who went to the website but not opting in) to being emailable.
  • Having a mechanism to identify and suppress widgets to those coming from email.
  • To convert ‘skinny’ sign-ups to full profile registrations.


  • A successful program that converts 71% of those abandoning a full sign up and receiving the opt-in email to a full profile registration.
  • An enhanced integration with Adestra that enable Prospects to tailor the welcome journey accordingly.
  • A resource bank of subject matter experts at Upland Software to test, learn, optimise and recommend tactics that Prospects should be doing as well as could be doing.

Deliver engaging emails at every step of the student journey.

The Challenge

A key driver in commercial growth for Prospects is maximising opportunities to collect a large audience pool of first party owned data, opted into email, that can be sent relevant and timely marketing communications. List fatigue and a declining list size from unsubscribes greater than new subscribers is a common challenge for all brands.

Prospects had identified that many of their audience were not completing the registration page. The form asks lots of profile data from visitors – brilliant for targeting, but the downside was that it required investment of time and Prospects hypothesis was many didn’t have time to complete the form there and then. A Google campaign running to remind users who have previously visited the page to return to complete their registration with Prospects was successful in bringing people back, the marketing and data team knew they just needed another channel to enable them to do this.

The Solution

Upland Audience Engagement’s Customer Success Manager suggested Upland Software’s Audience Development solution – a powerful tool to help stem the leaky bucket (unsubs) and fill the hopper with new email data to better convert warm ‘leads’ (those who went to the website but not subscribing) to being emailable. And with a direct integration with Adestra, it was easy to set up and store the website category they were captured from, allowing further targeting.

After working with Upland to produce an ROI calculator and complete reference calls with existing customers in the same sector, Upland completed the on-boarding within a few weeks. Prospects created an exit intent widget to display if users on the registration page went to close the window.

The box is a simple message “Not got time to complete your registration right now? Let us know your email address and we’ll send you a reminder to come back when it’s more convenient.” Upon entering an email address and hitting “Remind me” users were added to an automation journey from Adestra to send them a reminder email. This email allows Prospects to showcase why signing up with Prospects is worthwhile and informs users of all the benefits registering for an account will give them. Three different wait times were tested to determine the most successful.

With a phased roll-out of Adestra, Prospects increased overall CTR with email recipients.

The Results

The program has a 4.7% CTR and from those that receive the reminder email, an incredible average of 71% convert. The best performing wait time was 1 day (73% conversion rate) so Prospects were able to adapt the Adestra automation email for best results.

Prospects have been so happy with the Audience Development solution that they have decided to continue with the offering beyond the initial contract and invest internal resource to continually optimise the program with the help of Upland’s Professional Services team.

What’s Next?

The integration has recently been enhanced to identify between on-site email capture widgets and those going organically who are already in Adestra, meaning emails can be tailored on the back of submissions because Prospects know who is already subscribed and who is a new sign up.

Results for Prospects

  • 4.7% CTR
  • 71% Convert Average
  • 73% Conversion Rate

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