Success Story

Fortune Global 500 Oilfield Services Firm Connects Multiple Systems to Search Capabilities

This customer was able to provide users with a single place to search for critical information, increasing adoption of SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365.

This Fortune Global 500 firm partnered with Upland BA Insight to define the vision around unified search capabilities, with multiple content sources cataloged into a single index. Now users can quickly access critical information from a single search that incorporates information stored in SharePoint Online, Yammer, and OneDrive. Unified enterprise search has accelerated the pace of work, reduced duplication of efforts, and freed up staff to focus on more high-value work.

This multi-national customer is comprised of over 100,000 people across 140 different nationalities and serves more than 120 countries. They are the world’s leading provider of technology for reservoir characterization, drilling, production, and processing to a global energy industry. They help their customers fuel industries like agriculture, medicine, science, space, technology, and transportation.

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The challenge

Historically, this firm had used the Google Search Appliance with some success, but Google retired the product. They moved to Microsoft 365, and transitioned from basic site search and implemented a more robust and functional internal search using Microsoft 365 as the platform. They also lacked a single pane of glass search for content within SharePoint, Yammer, and OneDrive and a document preview capability that worked for all content independent of where it resides.

The solution

BA Insight worked with this organization to define the vision around a unified search experience, with OneDrive and Yammer content cataloged into a single SharePoint Online index by combining the following search capabilities:

  • Connectors to return Yammer, OneDrive, and structured database content results within the same results rather than as separate searches.
  • Ability to search and find documents and the most relevant pages within them in a single search for all content rather than only SharePoint Online content so that users have a consistent experience.

The results

This customer was able to provide users with a single place to search for critical information, increasing adoption of SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365. Users can now find information stored in their new cloud environment quicker and easier, reducing duplication of efforts and freeing them up to contribute to the organization positively. They are continuing to make additional search capabilities available to the employee search experience, moving away from a SharePoint interface to an internet-like user interface and incorporating additional structured data into their search

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