Assign the right people with the right skills

Upland PSA helps you assign billable and non-billable resources based on their skills and availability to deliver exactly what your clients need.

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Graphic of Upland PSA's resource management software

Match your resources to projects, every time

How many people do you need right now, next month, or next quarter? With Upland PSA, you can schedule your resources with more confidence based on capacity and demand.

Unleash the power of your services team

Ahhh, client projects. Some are easy. Some can be…well, you know. Don’t worry. You can handle it all so your projects are done on time and on budget using Upland PSA.

  • Search for specific technical skills, languages, certifications, and level of expertise across your global workforce.
  • Assign project work by the hour, daily, weekly, or monthly, based on what your clients need and their budget.
  • Monitor your incoming and future project pipeline to understand if your team has enough capacity at a department, role, or resource level.
  • Keep your skills inventory up to date for project and resources managers with easy integrations to your HR system.
  • Share key performance indicators with finance, project managers, and customer success to make the best decisions about profitability, staffing, and skills.
Graphic showing Upland PSA's skill matching abilities
Manage team workload

Avoid burnout or boredom. Keep your team actively engaged and performing at their best.

Track revenue impact

Closely monitor billable hours and effort scores so you can accurately forecast services revenue on future projects.

Keep clients happy

Deliver outstanding results for your clients to keep them happy and coming back for more.

3 challenges in resource management and how to avoid them

Assigning the right resources to the rights project is hard. Get practical tips to overcome the most common head scratchers.

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As our strategic partner, Upland PSA has been instrumental in bringing our services to a new level of organizational efficiency, supporting our continued, rapid growth.

Martin Coetsee
IS Executive, DRA Global

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