Financial Management

Control everything from the top line to the bottom line

Maintain strong profit margins from bid to close with powerful insights into everything that impacts the financial success of your services operations.

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Less revenue leakage. More revenue gainage.

Tired of crunching and re-crunching numbers? With Upland PSA, you can easily manage project accounting to maximize cash flow and ensure your profit margins stay healthy.

Insights to help your business thrive

Make strategic decisions based on real-time information that’ll help you accurately forecast future services revenue right down to the penny (we still use them, right?)

  • Complete system configuration helps automate financial forecasts with calculations from any input, such as project cost, revenue, margins, and Estimate at Completion.
  • Create what-if scenarios and discover new ways to maintain strong profit margins.
  • Recognize revenue based on your unique billing policies for time and material, milestone percent complete, Percentage of Completion for fixed-fee projects, and ratable contracts.
  • Generate invoices at the customer, project, task, or user level, and run split billing batches for projects spread out across single or multi-company customers.
  • Integrate Upland PSA with your accounting system to simplify your customer invoicing process and close your books faster, and your payroll system to imburse employees for expenses.



Global operations support

Run your global services operations with support for multi-currency, multi-tax groups, inter-company transactions, and deferred revenue tracking for prepaid purchase orders.

Versatile revenue management

Configure the integrations between Upland PSA, your ERP, and your CRM to align your financial plans and services revenue streams.

Support for your future growth

Build scalable delivery services based on a deep understanding of your baseline costs, actuals, and forecasts.

We grew our services revenue by 18% over three years and we couldn’t have done it without Upland PSA.

Craig Thompson
VP Marketing & Customer Success UK, Grass Valley

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