Customer engagement software that turns insight into action

Capture customer and employee feedback in the moment to drive positive change throughout your organization.

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Capture, analyze, and act on customer feedback in real time with our software.

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Listen to your customers, intelligently.

Uncover valuable insights by collecting feedback across the customer journey.

  • Gather feedback across email, SMS, app, chat, web, and more.
  • View trends and correlations to make informed decisions.
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Harness emotion to predict customer behavior.

Understand the emotion within each piece of feedback using a sentiment engine that turns verbatim into insights.

  • Extract suggestions, opinions, and calls to action.
  • Get multiple insights within one piece of feedback.
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Turn feedback into clear insights.

See what customers are saying with data analysis, visualizations, and taxonomies tailored to your organization.

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Recover customers with swift action.

Respond to customer feedback and close the loop efficiently with real-time alerts.

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Ensure great experiences for customers and employees.

Collect, analyze, and act on internal feedback to create champion employees that thrive on keeping customers happy.

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Upland Rant & Rave has transformed our approach to customer feedback by giving us actionable insight across the business that positively impacts not only our customers, but our clients and colleagues. With real-time insight we’re able to put the customer at the heart of our business, while engaging our employees and delivering on our objectives.

Lisa Hulme-Vickerstaff
Customer Insights Manager, Lowell

The CX Daredevil’s Ultimate Guide to Customer Engagement

Challenge the CX status quo. Learn how to put the customer at the heart of your organization with expert advice from industry leaders.

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Add the “wow factor” to your customer experiences

Our customer engagement software manages millions of customer interactions for leading brands across several industries.


Hear from customers in-store and online with real-time feedback.

  • Create a seamless delivery process with proactive communications.
  • Reduce cart abandonment and hear the voice of the ‘silent shopper’ with listening posts.


Reduce operational cost with a digital-first approach.

  • Easily capture multi-channel feedback from any point in the customer journey
  • Prevent churn and make service improvements with real-time feedback.

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Reduce call center volume and create a culture of customer care.

  • Keep tenants in the loop with two-way conversation on their preferred channel.
  • Address tenant needs faster while reducing the volume and complexity of complaints.

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Address enquiries in real-time by tapping into customer emotion.

  • Reduce inbound calls and keep customers informed with proactive communications.
  • Resolve issues quickly and reduce customer frustration with real-time feedback.

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Travel & Hospitality

Let customers focus on the journey while you take care of the details.

  • Give your customers a direct line of communication to provide reviews.
  • Make the booking process seamless with proactive communications.

Customer experience software for reliability and real results.

Rant & Rave

Sage gives their customers a voice.

Customer insight doesn't have to be taxing. Sage agrees. They needed to centralize feedback and better understand their customers.

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30% reduction in costs

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Rant & Rave

Fortnum & Mason builds a comprehensive view of the customer experience.

Fortnum & Mason needed a way to capture and act on feedback across the customer journey.

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80+ NPS score

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Rant & Rave

Homeserve repairs relationships with their customers.

Homeserve sought a way to reduce complaints and put their customers first

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99% US CSAT rate

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Move from insight to action.

Transform your customer engagement, capture feedback with ease, and deliver outstanding experiences.

Feedback collection
  • Feedback across email, SMS, web, app, phone, or chat
  • Always-on listening posts capture feedback at any time
Sentiment analysis
  • Natural language processing surfaces emotion behind feedback
  • Bespoke taxonomies deliver the most impactful insights for your business
Data visualization
  • Personalized, unified dashboard houses your insights in one place
  • Visualizations show average score, feedback volumes, individual feedback, and more · SWOT analysis, key business drivers, correlations, and trend
Customer recovery
  • Automated alerts ensure the right agents follow up on each case
  • Communicate changes and reward clients who give feedback
Frontline engagement
  • Gamified agent experience
  • Insights into strengths and areas of improvement
  • Real-time views of customer feedback for immediate follow-up

Elevate your customer experience with our customer engagement software. 

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