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Deliver engaging emails at every step of the customer journey.

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Deepen customer relationships with automated and personalized email programs

Increase engagement while saving time using a visual journey builder that enables drag-and-drop creation of complex multi-touch journeys.

  • Powerful segmentation allows you to deliver the appropriate next message based on customer behavior
  • Dynamic content increases engagement at every step of the journey
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Deliver email that stands out on every device

Design beautiful emails without knowing a line of code using an intuitive email builder and built-in render previews.

  • Create new email layouts  with flexible templates and a modular editor
  • Customize based on the subscribers’ device or email client
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Tailor messages to every subscriber.

Personalize each email with demographic and behavioral data and deliver product and content recommendations powered by machine learning.

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Maximize the success of every send.

Continually optimize your email with personalized delivery time, multi-variant testing and device render previews.

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Uncover clear insights with rich reporting and analytics.

Dig deeper into the data with click-to-conversion tracking, cart abandonment reporting, click quality mitigation, and more.

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We needed a reliable partner in this endeavour, and that’s why we’ve been a long-time partner and advocate of [Upland] Adestra. Their continued focus on development, advanced technology capabilities, and support through customer service is unrivaled in their industry.

Andrew Hinton
Head of Procurement, UBM

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Email software that meets your unique needs.

Our enterprise software delivers results for leading brands across diverse industries.

Media & Publishing

Connect your audience with their favorite content.

  • Deliver curated newsletters tailored to readers’ interests
  • Automate newsletter creation

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Convert casual shoppers into loyal customers.

  • Personalized product recommendations based on browsing or purchase history
  • Deliver cart-abandonment emails to increase conversion

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Deliver emails that keep your customers coming back for seconds. 

  • Personalized promotions and menu updates 
  • Drive repeat purchases with loyalty programs 


Increase customer retention with a personal email experience.

  • Personalized account alerts
  • Promote new products, services, or educational material most relevant to your customer

Nonprofit Organizations

Motivate your subscribers to take action for your cause.

  • Drive donations with targeted fundraising emails
  • Deliver personalized content about the issues and causes that matter most to your supporters


Manage multiple brands effortlessly with a flexible account structure

  • Say goodbye to siloed activity and data use with total control over your account structure
  • Manage cross-brand email campaigns and reporting all in one place

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Reliable products.
Real results.


Incisive Media gets more email to the inbox with Deliverability Workshops

One of the world's most established publishers in the finance and technology sectors, Incisive Media, needed expert advice for improving inbox placement.

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400% more leads

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Immediate Media Co gives BBC Gardeners’ World magazine readers a completely tailored digital experience

Immediate Media needed to curate email content based on individuals' online behavior. See why they implemented Upland Adestra

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20% CTR increase

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Naked Wines drives customer loyalty with personalized emails.

Naked Wines needed an automated way to deliver highly personalized wine recommendations at scale.

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7.9% gross profit/customer increase

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An email marketing software to delight your subscribers with every send.

Get the features you need to make your email program a success.

Campaign Management
  • Drag-and-drop automation builder
  • Multi-touch journeys
  • Calendar view – see entire email program at-a-glance
Email Design
  • Modular email builder
  • Device-specific design for mobile and desktop-optimized email
  • Flexible templates enable multiple emails from one master template
Personalization & Targeting
  • Send targeted emails based on behavioral or demographic data
  • Dynamic content, personalized with user data points
  • Machine learning assigns contacts to user personas and delivers personalized content/product recommendations
Email Optimization
  • Render testing – preview emails across devices/clients
  • A/B test up to 26 variables simultaneously
  • Automatically deploy winning version
  • Test subject lines, copy, creative, and more
Reporting & Analytics
  • User-friendly data visualization, including heatmaps and geographic reporting
  • Track user journeys from click to conversion
  • Prevent bots from skewing metrics with click quality mitigation
Flexible account structure
  • Set permissions for each user level
  • Multi-level account structure enables brand management
  • Scalable and tailored to fit your business needs

Elevate your customer experience with email marketing services.

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