Success Story

Large Petroleum Company Connects Systems and Delivers Access to Information With Enterprise Search

BA Insight gave this company access to information with enterprise search that connected systems, so workers could be more efficient.

This company partnered with Upland BA Insight to create a reliable, readily-available search across their organization so workers in any office or out in the field could quickly access information with enterprise search software that they needed to do their jobs and keep systems operating at peak efficiency.

BA Insight gave the company access to information with enterprise search, that connected many systems and was driven by a user-friendly bot interface, so workers could locate information just as easily as asking a question. This company is the pioneer of the LNG industry in Australia and the largest Australian natural gas producer. Building on more than 30 years of operations in western Australia, they are recognized for their world-class capabilities as an integrated upstream energy supplier with a global portfolio.

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The challenge

This company had two major productivity problems. First, their entire employee base was facing difficulty finding information required to do their jobs. The second problem affected platform and field workers tasked with ensuring systems continued to run. If systems broke, they needed to repair them quickly, and the inability to find information resulted in production delays.

The solution

BA Insight worked with this company to connect various systems containing critical information into a single index and implement a conversational “bot” user interface that interacts with employees. Based on their queries, workers receive relevant results based on all the information available within the index. Hundreds of problems/solutions and FAQs were developed and added to the bot interface to provide a starting point for the rollout.

The results

Employees dispersed across many locations report that they can readily find information when needed and continue creating suggestions for improvement. Workers can now quickly find information, connect with pre-packaged knowledge bundles to do their jobs more quickly, and are more efficient because reliable enterprise search has eliminated errors and the duplication of efforts in the field.

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