Success Story

Global Telecom Firm Empowers Employees to Securely Search Multiple Platforms at Once

BA Insight worked with this firm to create a vision of a complete SharePoint Online index that would search multiple platforms securely.

This global telecom company partnered with Upland BA Insight to enable employees to securely search multiple platforms at once without raising security risks. BA Insight provided enterprise search that enabled employees to access information across Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Yammer from one search interface. The search portal is reinforced by strict validation and security protocols to safeguard clients’ data. In 30 years, this small mobile operator has grown into a global business and one of the most valuable brands in the world.

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The challenge

This company had a complete hybrid environment, with data spread across Microsoft 365, SharePoint on-premise, and Yammer. In some cases, SharePoint hybrid search integrates with SharePoint on-premise out of the box, but in their case, the company had precise security requirements that needed to be incorporated. They required a solution allowing them to securely search this data. At the same time, they faced an additional challenge because Yammer usage was growing, and employees demanded Yammer information be accessible in the same search interface they were familiar with.

The solution

BA Insight worked with this firm to create a vision of a complete SharePoint Online index that would securely search multiple platforms included both existing Microsoft 365 content and content from on-premise farms, regardless of the domain those on-premise farms existed in, with full security validation and fidelity. Employees needed to be given Yammer-relevant results to their queries in the same result set as all other content.

The results

BA Insight delivered a unified search experience to the company’s 100,000+ employees using a SharePoint Online index, the largest SharePoint Online/Microsoft 365 index in the world, while automatically handling additional complex security and active directory integrations. The deployment was a tremendous success as the organization could completely shift from on-premise to the cloud, saving money on infrastructure and systems management, all without the employees knowing anything had changed. Now that the infrastructure is in the cloud, employees can search multiple platforms securely.

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