Sales Proposals Simplified with Qvidian

With Qvidian, every time you create a proposal, it feels like you have an entire team of experts ready and waiting to help you close the deal.


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Qvidian for Sales Proposals

Qvidian makes closing business easier

Native integrations, AI assisted search, brand-specific proposal templates, and personalization saves valuable time looking for information.

  • Build templates confidently with approved responses and output results that accurately represent your brand.
  • Store top-ranking approved proposal content in one easy-access answer library.
  • Access real-time, full document previews.
  • Spend less time agonizing over proposal writing and formatting and more time focused on building relationships and driving revenue.

Virtual team collaboration

Whether your team is working remotely, or in the next cubicle, Qvidian encourages collaboration so your team gets work done and brings in revenue.

  • In-product messaging threads and coordination.
  • Custom workflows for efficient approvals
  • Ensure consistency, accuracy and compliance.

Standardizing Stellar Proposals

Want to boost performance across your sales team? Empowering your people with access to the most accurate, up-to-date information quickly can pay off bigtime. Read our eBook to see how to gain confidence that your team is using the same messaging to create proposals that knock the socks of prospects.

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Seamlessly integrate with existing systems.

Integrations with Microsoft Office, Salesforce, web browsers, and an open API. 

Easily connect and collaborate with your team.

With in-product messaging, custom teams, and intelligent workflows.

Trust the numbers.

With 70+ out of the box reports you will know what’s working and what isn’t.

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