Customer reference management software that shows the ROI of advocacy programs

Upland RO Innovation helps sales, marketing, and customer success teams easily track reference requests and boost engagement with their best advocates.

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Engage your customer advocates to close deals faster.

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Easily find and deliver customer references on demand.

Say goodbye to frantic emails to account managers and hello to a sustainable reference funnel.

  • Automatically serve up sales references, testimonials, speakers, quotes, and case studies.
  • Track and save reference requests in one central location.
  • Integrate with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.
benefit 2

Formalize and scale your customer reference program.

Still tracking references on spreadsheets? Left without insight on which advocates are best for webinars or events? It’s time to level-up your game.

  • Nomination portal to encourage customer-facing teams to nominate their customer candidates.
  • Gamification to entice customers engagement through rewards and incentives.
  • Workflows that remove the need for manual tracking and updates while system intelligence names your best customer advocates for a given initiative.
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Protect customer references from burnout and fatigue

Customers are your most valuable asset and they trust you to keep them engaged without overloading them. RO Innovation tracks and prevents overusing references and unauthorized outreach.

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Prove the ROI of customer advocacy

The proof is in the pudding. Show the impact customer references have on accelerated deals and influenced revenue with real-time analytics dashboards and reports.

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Align advocates to your buyer journey

Arm your sales team with references and testimonials that are most likely to help them win the deal based on the stage, use case, industry and other opportunity details.

We train and coach world-class sales teams. There’s no better way to lower buyers’ perceived risk than by providing customer references. It’s a great differentiator and elevates you in your customers’ eyes.

Ron Hubsher
CEO, Sales Optimization Group

The Customer Reference Handbook

This handbook provides best practices for finding your best customer references, creating incredibly impactful content, energizing your sales team, measuring the results of your program, and so much more.

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A natural addition to any sales and marketing tech stack.

The goal of a reference program is for customers to sing your praises – so it’s just natural that we would integrate with the top sales and marketing tools on the market.

CX and CRM Tools

RO Innovation integrates with leading CRMs (like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics) to suggest opportunity-specific customer references and testimonials, and allows users to search and request references without ever leaving their CRM.

Marketing Tech Stacks

Elevate your martech stack by empowering references, testimonials, and advocacy to be a part of your everyday activities. We integrate with top marketing automation tools that enable teams to track, scale, and measure their content marketing efforts and maximize their references.

Reliable products.
Real results.

RO Innovation

Informatica strategically enhances reference-based sales efforts across multiple global teams.

RO Innovation allowed Informatica to tell their story though customer experiences and successes, providng revenue-impacting resources to their sales team.

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95% reference fulfillment rate

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RO Innovation

FICO supports strategic growth with customer advocacy.

With RO Innovation, the FICO sales team had access to relevant customer references that quickly began influencing and accelerating sales cycles.

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A complete advocacy and reference center.

RO Innovation has the features to turn customer advocates into your most powerful sales asset.

Customer references the right way
  • Prevent advocate burnout and ensure references are always current
  • Ensure advocates are aligned to the activities they want to engage with
  • Highlights reference funnel gaps and opportunities
Unite all customer reference contacts, materials, and data into one place
  • Allow remote teams to easily search and find references
  • Connect to existing content repositories
Show the ROI of your reference and advocacy team
  • Analytics to prove customer advocacy’s revenue impact
  • Dashboards to highlight where and how references accelerated deals
  • Increased program visibility and transparency
Automate the nomination and request process
  • Notify, track, and report on reference reviews and approvals
  • Eliminates email chains and unfulfilled requests
  • Adds transparency to reference statuses
Reference ready – when and where you need them
  • Target reference suggestions by opportunity
  • Curate references based on historical effectiveness
  • Mobile and direct CRM accessibility
Customizable Content Microsites
  • Customizable microsites that allow you to display related content together
  • Sharable hyperlinks instead of bulky attachments
  • Reference content open alerts and viewing alerts

Put your references to work.

Take your reference program to the next level by incorporating them into your marketing content and empowering your sales teams with references that match their opportunities.


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