Connected Knowledge

Make all your knowledge easily accessible.

RightAnswers gives you the flexibility to connect all available knowledge sources and deliver relevant information to your customers, contact center agents, and across the enterprise.

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Powerful Integrations

With more than 20 years of experience helping contact centers and service desks integrate knowledge with leading ITSM and CRM tools, we make it easy for users to access the information they need at the moment. By pulling the case description into our powerful search engine, RightAnswers returns article results from the native knowledgebase and any other sources where key information resides. Add our best-in-class authoring tools and you’re all set up to create a dynamic knowledge-sharing culture


Service Desk Agents can access knowledge within the ticket window, speeding up resolution times. Attaching the article to the ticket notes with one click, helps other agents see what was done on previous calls.

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Customer Service Agents have access to all the knowledge they need in one place, eliminating the need to jump from screen to screen to find the answer. Agents can deliver consistent on-brand content to customers in dedicated self-service portals.

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Chat and Messaging

Integrating with chat and messaging tools brings people together to share knowledge quickly and easily. Users can find the knowledge they need as well as share it with colleagues in existing chats.

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Even if you have multiple tools across your organization, we’ve got you covered. RightAnswers becomes the connector of knowledge to serve internal staff and external customers through the platforms they use.

Designed with KCS in mind

RightAnswers gets you up and running on KCS quickly and successfully, with no customization needed. You’ll find:

  • Role-based permissions conform to KCS guidelines
  • Configurable templates structure the knowledge so the most important information is included in the knowledge article
  • Search results include federated & unstructured knowledge to provide highly relevant results & increase knowledge reuse
  • Knowledge articles are easily improved by adding comments or edits

Federated Knowledge

Let’s face it, federations can mean anything. That’s why we prefer to think of them as a component of Connected Knowledge, connecting the knowledge you need all in one place – whether in shared drives, websites, or in other compatible applications. RightAnswers best-in-breed search does all the work to find relevant information for you and display it in a single window.

And there's more…

The aim of Connected Knowledge is not solely to get you the knowledge you need where you need it, but also to connect people who need the knowledge.


With Communities available out of the box, RightAnswers gives you the ability to connect both internal and external users in safe, moderated communities where they can ask questions and share knowledge.


If you can’t see a specific tool that you use, we can work with you to connect RightAnswers with your tools through our powerful API. We love enabling you to get the right answer to the right person at the right time. Contact the team to discuss your needs further.