Work together on Altify account and opportunity plans with Slack

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Work together on Altify account and opportunity plans with Slack

In leading organizations, Slack is often the go-to tool for collaboration, and Salesforce is the book of record for everything customer relationship-related. By integrating Slack with Altify, an account planning software built natively in Salesforce, sellers can easily work together to refine account plans and win opportunities—with all critical insight captured in Salesforce for future reference.

Slack integration is included for Altify Account Manager and Opportunity Manager customers. Once enabled, users can send messages between Slack and Altify to collaborate in real-time (or asynchronously) across offices, time zones, and continents.

Teammates working in Slack can even get automatic alerts when key events happen in Altify. This way, collaborators can zero in on the tasks that most need their attention to resolve outstanding roadblocks and help strengthen account and opportunity plans.

Let’s take a look at three of the primary ways enterprise salespeople can benefit from Altify’s included integration with Slack.

Keep revenue teams informed with messages to Slack channels

After Customer Success Managers (CSMs) and Account Executives (AEs) wrap up conversations with customers, they can quickly send written recaps to related Slack channels to keep their extended teams updated. Team members can then collaborate freely in Slack, with all pertinent insight sent back to the related Altify accounts and opportunities, where it’s recorded for future reference.

With this integration, sellers can work with their wider revenue teams in Slack, their collaboration tool of choice, while Altify remains the single source of truth. Even team members who don’t necessarily have Altify or Salesforce accounts can join the conversation through Slack. This flexibility is perfect for looping-in subject matter experts (SMEs) and other contributors who are only occasionally involved in account and opportunity planning.

Get key players’ attention at critical moments with Slack alerts

Organizations can set Slack alerts to send automatically when someone creates or updates Altify objects or records. For example, an organization could configure Altify to send an alert to a Slack channel every time someone creates a new account plan or opportunity record. Altify could also send alerts to Slack every time a user logs a new call to an account or changes an opportunity’s stage.

By design, Slack alerts are powerful and flexible. For example, a company could set Altify to send an alert to a Slack channel every time an objective is overdue or someone creates a new account plan with a revenue target of over $500,000. Similarly, on the opportunity side, an organization might set Altify to push an alert to Slack every time someone publishes an insight map or creates an opportunity that’s over $200,000.

Save Slack messages in Altify to maintain a book of record

By viewing related Slack messages in Altify, AEs can always ensure they’re acting on the latest information while maintaining visibility into the complete history of their accounts and opportunities. AEs can also send notable messages from Slack back to related accounts and opportunities, so they’re easy to find and reference later.

Linking Slack channels to their related Altify accounts and opportunities even simplifies onboarding new team members. New AEs and CSMs often inherit several accounts or opportunities when joining a company. Thanks to this integration, when new teammates first log in to Altify, all the relevant details from past Slack conversations will be ready and waiting for them in Salesforce.

Altify’s Slack integration also makes it easy for new sellers to connect with the broader teams involved in their accounts and opportunities. There’s no need for sellers to waste time tracking down who was historically involved with a customer. Instead, looping-in past contributors is as simple as sending a message from an Altify account or opportunity to a previously linked Slack channel. Slack will then pull all the key players back into the conversation automatically.

Create stronger account and opportunity plans with Slack

Altify’s Slack integration is included for all Opportunity Manager and Account Manager customers. Altify provides this integration at no direct cost to customers to better align Altify with how sellers work naturally, help organizations maximize the value of their existing technology stack, and simplify collaborating on opportunity plans and account plans.

However, customers do need to bring their own Slack licenses. For organizations still considering if Slack is right for them, Slack offers free trials of most paid plans. To enable the full power of this integration, customers will also need to install the free “Salesforce for Slack” app from Salesforce’s AppExchange and the free “Salesforce” app from Slack’s App Directory.

Following a self-service installation guide, most Altify customers are up and running with a Slack integration in a couple of days. Of course, many organizations opt to install the integration in a sandbox first, which may add a few more days before it’s released into production.

Take collaboration to the next level: integrate Altify with Google Docs

If your organization uses Google Workspace, you can further boost collaboration across your revenue team by integrating Altify with Google Docs. This integration is also included for all Altify Account Manager and Opportunity Manager customers.

To get started with Altify’s Google integration, organizations only need to bring their existing Google Workspace licenses and purchase licenses for Appiphony’s “Drive Connect” app from the Salesforce AppExchange. Google Workspace allows users to access Google Docs, and Drive Connect powers the connection between Google Docs and Altify.

By combining free trial offers from Google and Appiphony, in most cases, organizations can try out integrating Altify with Google Docs for up to two weeks at no added cost.

Where can I get more information about Altify integrations?

If you’re already an Altify customer, your CSM can answer any questions you have about Altify’s integrations with Slack and Google Docs. If you’re ready to get started with either integration, your Altify CSM can also point you in the right direction.

If you’re not an Altify customer today, please reach out to the AE you’ve been working with, or don’t hesitate to contact an Altify account and opportunity planning expert for more information.

We’re looking forward to helping you reach new levels of success by combining the power of Altify for account and opportunity planning with Slack and Google Docs!

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